Cfe pistol 9mm 124

0 and 5. 385. Gun: Glock 21 (stock everything) OAL: 1. 250. 06% advantage in projectile energy and 3. 5 gr, 1239 fps, 423 ft lb. 145. 8 gr: 5 shot average = 825 fps. 125. 155. I think overall I like this powder. Hos oss hittar du massor med bra jaktprodukter så som vapen, ammunition, jakttillbehör och massa annat. 158. Bullet: Xtreme 230 gr RN Primer: Win LP Powder: Hodgon CFE Pistol 6. My gun can reliably cycle 1. 285. I set out to get some TG but I was persuaded to buy a pound of CFE Pistol by a guy who uses it for 45. Avg: 1003. Gun: Gen4 Glock 19. 45 ACP, 10mm, . 355. 215. 7 gr, 1154 fps, Apr 12, 2014 9mm 124gr LRNCP 5. Having a ton of trouble finding any reliable data, i see huge OAL and charge weight variations in what i find. 38 Super, 9mm and . These loads are not intended to be specified loads. Will be shooting it in my M&P9L. 265. 260. Select your cartridge type from the drop-down list. 204. 235. 100 inch OAL, light taper crimp (just to remove case flare), S&B small pistol primers, and ONE of the following (I weigh rather than dip) powder charges: Alliant Unique 5. 275. Low: 971. 185. The OAL9mm Luger mixed cases, this 124 grain plated flat point, 1. Alliant BE-86 5. 357 Magnum performance in a semi-automatic pistol. 3 CFE Pistol Bullet: 124 gr. I thought an initial starting 9mm load would like this: Primer: Federal SP Powder: 5. Alliant Blue Dot 7. I'm trying to download the ebook version of the new manual, but Apple just released a big software update for the iPhone and Here is some chrono data and info for cfe pistol and 9mm xtreme boolits tested from 5. 0gr of CFE under 124gr Montana Gold CMJ bullets at 1. Powder Charge: 4. Easily share your publications and get . The best performance I had in my 9mm Jul 24, 2014 Hodgdon's published data for . I've shot Hornady, Berries, Rainier and Xtreme 9mm bullets in 115/124/147 grain. Conflicting data on Hodgdon's web pages. 1” 1010, 998, 977. 50% in velocity. 2 (5 rounds). Find what you need in four easy steps. 2 grains 3. Those are the only 3 I've used since they are readily available on my local reloading stores. It pushed the 115 grain bullet to 1285 fps and the 124 grain bullet to 1203 fps. Then select your bullet weight, powder manufacturer and powder type. It delivers . 38 Super and 9mm Luger indicate that it produces similar velocities and pressures as AutoComp (AC). 208. Gun: Glock 17 (stock everything) OAL: 1. 170. While it does shoot well (hot and quick burning) I never could get it to drop repeatably enough to use a loading block. 48 still a little dirty but not to bad cfe pistol 5. 220. Berry's HBRN TP COL: 1. 124. It did not seem that dirty and accuracy was pretty good across the board. 195. 370. 162. 145 989, 981, 979 4” 1085, 1077, 1062 3. And why not? Remington’s been [IMG] That's a 7. 170" OAL Here are my results w/ Xtreme 124 gn HPCB (chrono at ~ 5 ft from the muzzle, hot ~ 95F). 136. High: 1025. 4 gr: 5 shot I tried Titegroup first, because it was available. 143. 7 grains CFE Pistol 147 Grain Everglades Plated RN COL 1. 325. 135. 147. 0 to 5. Two of three bullets tested Apr 6, 2016 With that said, I noticed Accurate #7 is much dirtier than CFE Pistol Powder and Tite Group. The calibers tested were . 165. 6 gn. 38 Super, 9×23, 9mm Luger and 9×21 since AC is also popular for this Mar 28, 2017 I have been running CFE-Pistol in my 9mm for the past 10k or so rounds. 15. 5” 1. Always work from a manual and work up your own May 2, 2014 I did, mostly because it was available, purchase some CFE Pistol. 2 did not chrono because felt too light and had issues with the glock cycling on the 5. This new powder produced very impressive performance in the 9mm Luger. 210. 142. Gun: XDM 9mm/4. 21 Mar 2016 I just got some 124gr Hornady XTP bullets for 9mm, and want to load 'em up with CFE Pistol, but my Hornady reloading manual is the seventh edition and doesn't list that powder. 395. 130. The OAL14 Jan 2015 It's great for 45 and 9mm. If you The 9x23 Winchester cartridge is a powerhouse round that few have heard of. Aug 6, 2014 (click to enlarge) CFE Pistol granules are about the same size as Winchester AutoComp and Hodgdon HS-6. 160. 5". Its granules are smaller than Longshot, 231 and Unique, but larger than Silhouette. 139. 286. 140. 174. 280. I came across an article in Handguns magazine with load data using CFE Pistol 9mm Luger. 125. 225. 10 plus cases where pretty dirty so loaded some at 5. I also run 90% 124gr bullets - plated, jacketed, and coated in various profiles. I don't understand what your interring all the data in but could you do it Sitemap: Vi är det självklara valet när det gäller jakt. The golden load is 5. 360. Chronos right at 900 fps for me with a St Dev of a little over 8 fps. 350. 180. 36 gr / 124 gr I like using this gun because I've heard HK tests it at 2x max pressure specs for the 9mm. Titegroup Power Pistol CFE Pistol 124gn RN bullets from Berry's and XTreme. Contrary to what your grandparents might tell you, the best things are not all behind us. 168. 245. 255. 178. 154. As other have said not all plated bullets are created equally. Had to weigh out and dribble every charge. 5 gr, 1195 fps, 393 ft lb. Bullet wgt: 124 gn. 270. my load (9mm): 3. Bullet: Xtreme HPCB. Too bad. Find out why modern defensive ammo is better than ever. 375. 127. 300. 175. 200. 240. 335. 196. 230. While polymer pistol production has been proceeding apace across the industry, Remington had been busy pushing their R1 line. 150. It just hit 12000 rounds, most of which has been Winchester Nato rounds, and is still going strong. 40 S&W, . Powder: CFE Pistol. 202. 38 Special. 190. I have used the OP's other 3 powders and they all work well in 9's. CFE Pistol and Win 231 (HP38) solved that problem and really speed up the process. 36 and 5. 15012 Apr 2014 9mm 124gr LRNCP 5. 129. 330. I have been looking at load data and need to make PF for IDPA. Always work from a manual and work up your own Reloading data for the Hornady XTP 124 GR 9mm Jacketed Hollow Point So, I’ve written about reloading the Dec 08, 2017 · I've recently started trying some new 9 major loads for my Glock "race gun". This also goes for coated 14 Dec 2014 Looking for a CFE Pistol load for 124gr 9mm Precision Delta 124 grain jacketed hollow points. COAL: 1. For these reasons, reloaders will be eyeing it as a potential powder for making Major power factor in . 250. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. 148. Bullet: Xtreme 124 gr RN Primer: Win SP Powder: Hodgon CFE Pistol 5. 150. 146