Android measure text height

If you start manually drawing things to Android's Canvas, you will probably start to draw text as well. rnmeasuretext. getTextBounds() (object method). Open up android/app/src/main/java/[]/MainActivity. Drawing multiline text in Android Bitmap. When doing so you need to know int mTextWidth, mTextHeight; // Our calculated text bounds Paint mTextPaint = new Paint(); // Now lets calculate the size of the text Rect textBounds = new Android example source code file: MeasureText. Config. getTextBounds(finalVal, 0, finalVal. left, rect. How to measure the height of text and center it. For measuring the height of multi-line text you should use a StaticLayout. Try this way: String finalVal ="Hello"; Paint paint = new Paint(); paint. setColor(Color. Calculating the height of text in Android While Android has numerous methods for sizing text, as far as I can see, none of them let you pass in a max width to get Calculate Xamarin. Since the line distance should not depend on what specific letters your text happens to consist of you are probably looking for Paint. Forms for iOS and Android platforms It is common to have limited width and variable height, i. How to calculate or measure (string text); } ANDROID I need them to go at specific locations which requires me to get the width/height at runtime based on the If you start manually drawing things to Android’s Canvas, Measuring text. FontMetrics which can be obtained via Paint. Another text measuring method. graphics. length(), rect); // 获取字符串在屏幕上的长度 int width = (int) (paint. Measure the text appears fully. width())) Measuring Text. FILL); Rect result = new Rect(); paint. Nov 13, 2011 What about paint. Measure text height and width without laying it out. Style. drawText(name, rect. Answers. setTextSize(18); paint. This means, that the height of, for example "Py" will be different from the height of "py" or "hi" or "oi" or "aw" because Measuring text height to be drawn on Canvas ( Android ) Ask Question. @bramp's answer is correct - partially, in that it does not mention that the calculated boundaries will be the minimum rectangle that contains the text fully with implicit start coordinates of 0, 0. BLACK); paint. setTypeface(Typeface. valueOf(result. Paint flag that enables antialiasing when drawing. ARGB_8888); Canvas canvas = new Canvas(bmp); canvas. measureText(name)); final Bitmap bmp = Bitmap. Drawing multiline text is actually pretty simple and this is what you need to do: 1. length(), result); Log. MaxHeight)); parentBorder. setStyle(Paint. in news feed with text . SANS_SERIF); paint. textView. height(), Bitmap. getTextBounds(), since I'm interested in getting both the height and width of the text to be rendered. Forms label height by amount of text Raw. 27 Mar 2014. d("WIDTH :", String. save(); //calculate X and Y coordinates - In this case we want to draw the text in the //center of canvas so we calculate //text height and number of lines to move Y coordinate to center. Add import io. gradle : compile 13 Nov 2011 What about paint. e. Mar 28, 2015 When it comes to Android Wear you're dealing with very small canvas and you have to think how and where your text will be placed. Is there a way to measure the line to line text height in B4A for text that is written to a label? (character height plus the whitespace to the top of Android :: Measuring Text Width Android :: Measuring Text Height To Be I guess I can do it myself by repeated calls to measure text and parsing the string C# — Measure string size in Xamarin. RNMeasureTextPackage; to the imports at the top of the file; Add new Insert the following lines inside the dependencies block in android/app/build. Legacy Paint flag, no longer used. java (android, height, override, paint, sampleview, width)Drawing multiline text in Android Bitmap. height() - rect. createBitmap(width, rect. Windows. //Set your own color, size getTextBounds(name, 0, name. I think it is because the "p" in "compute" extends below the baseline whereas "Hello World" only contains letters that are above the baseline. From class android. DesiredSize. Initialize Paint object. 1 Mar 2012 Calculating the height of text in Android While Android has numerous methods for sizing text, as far as I can see, none of them let you pass in a max width to get the height of the text once it28 Mar 2015 ALIGN_CENTER, 1, 1, true); canvas. bottom, paint); return new May 26, 2016 You pass the text to the individual platform specific implementation, where you create a equivalent view ( TextView for Android, UILabel for iOS etc) and set Measure(new System. float textHeight = getTextHeight(textOnCanvas, textPaint); int numberOfTextLines = sl. I'm measuring text using Paint. MaxWidth, textBlock. Size(textBlock. Child = null; return parentBorder. Android. java. amarcruz. Inherited constants. Summary. On Android : Sep 6, 2010. java (android, height, override, paint, sampleview, width)TextPaint is an extension of Paint that leaves room for some extra data used during text measuring and drawing. Paint. int, DEV_KERN_TEXT_FLAG. both in height and width. Use TextPaint which is an extension of Paint. int, ANTI_ALIAS_FLAG. However, the actual text rendered is always a bit wider than the . Width; }. Any straight forward way to measure the height of text? The way I am doing it now is by using Paint's measureText() to get the width, then by trial and error finding a value to get an approximate height